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Commissioning of Root disperse dye sand mill production line in Zhejiang Province

Detailed description

Root new disperse dye sand mill complete production line has been completed on 5th September. The line contains the raw material feeding system, wet cake dispersing system, disperse dye grinding system (sand mill), and powder mixing and packing system.

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As now the environment protection policy in China is quite tight, many of traditional disperse dye production factories are seeking a new environment-friendly and labor-saving production solution. Traditional grinding tank and vertical sand mill have the disadvantage of big occupation of land, low production efficiency, lower product quality and not friendly to the environment. Following the new policy, Root designed the new production line with horizontal sand mill and new powder mixing system to help customer solve the problem of size reduction, size distribution, environment friendly, high grinding efficiency etc.


After commissioning of the line, it will be put into daily use. Root hopes this production line will be a leading line for transfer the traditional production of disperse dye and build a more efficient and environment-friendly production line.


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