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Horizontal Sand Mill

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Installation of disperse dye inkjet ink lab horizontal sand mill

Detailed description

With the development of nano material, super-fine particle size type disperse dye is widely applied nowadays, which we call the digital printing ink or inkjet ink. Many traditional disperse dye producers are also transferring their production gradually to inkjet ink. As a trend, lab researches for inkjet ink formulations also sprung up in many factories.


Root engineers finished the installation and commissioning of the 4 sets of lab horizontal sand mill for digital printing ink formulation research. The user is the leading disperse dye manufacturer in China and now start the research of inkjet ink.


Four sets of lab horizontal sand mills are RTSM-0.5BJD with 0.5L small chamber volume to save the raw material quantity but give out perfect finish size at D90<200nm. RTSM-0.5BJD adopts silicon carbide as the inner chamber and zirconia as the grinding rotor material, both avoiding the metal abrasion and also offering insurance for the even size distribution and super-fine nano size of the finish product.


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