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Disperse Dye--Disperse Red 60 Experiment Report

Disperse Dye--Disperse Red 60 Experiment Report

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1. Sample type:Disperse dye

2. Sample name:Disperse red 60

3. Solid content:45%

4. Original size:D90=57um (micron)

5. Target size:D90=1um (micron)

Grinding Process

1. Machine model:RTSM-1.0BJ

2. Motor power:4KW

3. Operation current:3.4A

4. Feeding pump:1/8"; pneumatic diaphragm pump

5. Grinding media:95% yttrium stabilized zirconia beads

6. Filling quantity: 75% (2.8KG)

7. Cooling water temperature: 8℃

8. Cooling water pressure:  1.86kg/㎡

9. Grinding chamber pressure:0.4KG

10. Grinding process:         

a. Take the ready mixed paste material transport into RT-1.0BJ hard alloy lab bead mill.

b. Frequency:35HZ,Current: 3.4A,Temperature 29℃.

c. Test material size every 30 minutes, test with Bettersize.

d. After 160 minutes grinding, reach the target size and collect the sample.

e. At room temperature, test in the dye dispersion tester (vacuum filter) and record the passing time.

f. Heat the sample to 70℃, test in the dye dispersion tester (vacuum filter) and record the passing time. 

g. Dry the filter pater and collect the material for sending back to customer for checking.

Experiment Result

1. Finish Size: D90= 1.11um (micron)

2. Time taken: 160 minutes

3. Material temperature: 29℃

4. Room temperature passing time: 18 seconds

5. 70℃ passing time: 24 seconds

disperse red 60 particle size

filter paper of disperse red 60


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