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Pesticide SC--Prometryn 50% Experiment Report

Pesticide SC--Prometryn 50% Experiment Report

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1. Sample type:Pesticide SC formulation

2. Sample name:Prometryn 50%

3. Solid content:50%

4. Original size:D90=68.5um (micron)

5. Target size:D90<5um (micron)

Grinding Process

1. Machine model:RTSM-0.5AD

2. Motor power:2.2KW

3. Operation current:3.7A

4. Feeding pump:3/8" pneumatic diaphragm pump

5. Grinding media:95% yttrium stabilized zirconia beads

6. Filling quantity: 75% (1.4KG)

7. Cooling water temperature: 8℃

8. Cooling water pressure:  1.86kg/㎡

9. Grinding chamber pressure:0.4KG

10. Grinding process:         

a. Take the ready mixed paste to sand mill grinding 

b. Speed 35HZ, current 3.7A, temperature 42℃ 

c. Test with BT-2003, every 3 passes. 

d. After 9 passes, collect 500ml the sample and send to customer for checking.

Experiment Result

1. Finish Size: D90=3.534um (micron)

2. Passes taken: 9 passes

3. Material temperature: 42℃

4. Material status: Milky white, no sediment


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