Horizontal Sand Mill

Horizontal Sand Mill

Micron And Nano Size Wet Grinding


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As a member of Root Group, Shanghai Root Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd focused on the research, design and manufacturing of wet grinding machineries. Owning 10 years experience in wet grinding field, Root is your best choice for laboratory sand mill, industrial sand mill, three roller mill and basket mill, auxiliary machines such as disperser and mixer. With cooperation with university , experts and exprienced engineers, Root has been concentrated in technique of wet grinding machine since 2000. Now Root wet grinding mills are applied in more than 20 countries, serving for factory production of paint, ink, dye, magnetic material, paste,  agriculture chemicals, adhesion, cosmetics, ceramic etc. With own modern Nano Laboratory  and manufacturing factory, Root could provide clients with the most suitable solution for complete wet grinding production mills.Great thanks for all supports and trust from new or old clients. ROOT will consistently make the quality and reputation as the premise of all our development, and make contributions to the development of wet grinding machine worldwide.

Root Responsibility

In Chinese, “儒特” means carrying forward Confucianism, aiming at establishing national brand. In English, “ROOT” conveys the meaning of “Origin, Source” and it stands for the determination to establish national brand.

Root Missions

Based on advanced technique and first-class manufacturing process, Root is devoted to providing the most suitable wet grinding solution for industries of ink, pigment, paint, magnetic material, nano new material, agriculture chemicals, cosmetics, confectionary, minerals, dye and pharmaceutical material etc.

Root Spirit

Be gratefulbe grateful to team members. On every member’s birthday, Root will send the most sincere wishes. Root promises: Root will always be the strongest backup for all members and provide safeguard to the member’s family upon any accident.Be grateful to family. All the excellent works of Root members can’t be completed without the support of their family. Twice a year, Root will organize the tour or gathering of all members and their family. Be grateful to society.Root always cares about the children in remote mountain areas. Every year, Root will support them with education and living expenses, and visit them to bring the love and warmth. Root always believes that love is the main theme of the society.

Be sincere“You will never hear lies here, since we want long live Root career”. Root is always applying the motto in every day life and inheriting it with real actions. We refuse to win your trust with lies. We believe no matter how others are doing, lies are always 1 miles away from Root.

Be Precise:Be precise is to be responsible for both customers and ourselves. No matter for the education of Root member morality or for the fundamental work training; No matter for the research, design and manufacturing of the products or the timely and comprehensive services; All has carried out Root spirit: pursue the best and keep improve

Be innovative:Innovation is the carrier for continuous development of a company. Root encourages all to be innovative and unique.“I have them when others don’t ;I have better ones when others have them.”. After-sale service team has set up on-line“free-talk”wechat group to provide product maintenance training and answer questions from all users. R and D team is required to have patent every year and develop industrial 4.0 and internet plus.


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